Holden’s Birthday Cake

Holden's Cake 3

Whew, it has been a busy week and a half. We went to Chicago for a family vacation and then I had a cake order to fill. Therefore, today’s post will not be about a BAKED treat but about a birthday cake. Our elementary school music teacher, Katie Welty, wanted me to make my carrot cake for her son Holden’s 3rd birthday, but decorated for a train. She sent me a couple of links of ideas of train cakes and we went from there. The cake that we decided on came from Andrea’s Recipes but I decided to change a couple of things. Katie agreed to the use of frosting instead of cookies and pretzels and to add trees instead of a volcano. This was a fun cake to make. I have made the carrot cake itself about a thousand times so all I had to concentrate on was decorating. The trees are actually made out of sugar ice cream cones with piped stars made out of green royal icing. If you have never used royal icing before, make sure you keep if covered because it will dry out pretty quick. Royal icing is perfect for this kind of project because it is easy to make and because it dries quick and hard so you can handle the “trees” without the leaves breaking off. For the rest of the cake I used the cream cheese frosting that I normally use for carrot cake and I used AmeriColor gel food color for all of the different colors I used. Here are the different tips that I used.

  • For the grass, Wilton tip # 233
  • For the water and waterfall Ateco tip # 824
  • For the train track, Wilton tip # 789
  • For the lines on the tracks, Wilton tip # 3
  • For the leaves on the trees, Wilton tip # 21

Holden's Cake 2

Holden's Cake 1

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